Build, Operate & Transfer

Our Build Operate and Transfer Model is tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients and operates under predetermined terms and conditions. In this arrangement, Datson360 establishes and oversees the Offshore Development Center (ODC) on behalf of the client for a specified duration.

Datson360 will manage the ODC operations for an agreed-upon period. After this timeframe and subject to certain terms and conditions, control of the ODC will be transitioned to the client.

Should the client wish to acquire the ODC, the purchase value will be calculated based on three months’ billing for the engineers transitioning from the ODC to the client. Additionally, all facilities and infrastructure utilized by the ODC can be purchased by the client at their respective written down value.

The option to buy the ODC becomes available after a minimum operational period of six months. This approach enables the client to establish its own facility in India without encountering initial entry-level challenges.

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