3D City Modelling

The 3D city model is constructed using geospatial data, digital elevation models (DEMs), orthophotos, building information sourced from survey maps, architectural models, vegetation data, and land-use plans, among other datasets.

These diverse datasets, now readily accessible in a current, comprehensive, and high-quality format covering entire urban regions, enable the integration of various data sources. This integration empowers the city model to serve a multitude of applications, enhancing urban planning and administrative processes by providing real-time, transparent, and updated insights.

GISMONK Eploys advanced 3D city modeling software that automates a majority of tasks with exceptional efficiency and precision. The software’s high-end capabilities find application in various sectors, some of which are outlined below

Urban and regional development planning at the city and county levels
Strategic planning and innovative design
Local government management system
Planning for residential areas
Systems for environmental protection
Management of land use
Exploration and management of natural resources
Development and management of real estate properties

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