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AWS Services We Offer
Establishing a private OpenStack cloud with over 100 instances.
Configuring instances on AWS.
Automating instance provisioning on OpenStack using Heat.
Automating application deployment using Ansible playbooks.
Setting up Hadoop clusters for analytics purposes.
Deploying a group of web servers.
Creating a cluster of MongoDB servers.
Implementing a Message Bus, such as an MQTT broker.
Setting up a cluster of Kafka/Storm for streaming purposes.

Management of Configurations:
Build Engineering – Handling Branches, Labels, and Conflict Resolution.
Configuration Management – Utilizing Bitbucket Stash and Bamboo.
Automated retrieval of application source code from repositories such as GitHub, facilitated by Continuous Integration tools like Jenkins.
Automated compilation of application source code using ANT and Gradle, triggered by Jenkins and utilizing multiple slave nodes.
Integrating Jira with Bitbucket.
Supervising Instances and Applications:
Supervising cloud infrastructure through Nagios and LibreNMS.
Monitoring cloud instances – CPU, memory, network, storage, services, and ports.
Monitoring application services – CPU, memory, network, storage, services, and ports.
Generating alerts and email notifications.
Ongoing Integration Testing:
Automated testing of applications is initiated through Jenkins, utilizing multiple slave nodes.
This includes automated execution of BAT, Regression, and complete test automation suites.
Furthermore, the test automation is integrated with test management tools, such as Test Link, to update test results.
Disaster Recovery :
Testing Readiness: Regularly test disaster recovery plans to ensure they are effective and reliable.
Scalable Cost Efficiency: AWS Disaster Recovery solutions provide cost-effective scalability for resource optimization.
Automated Failover and Redundancy: AWS enables seamless, automated switches to redundant systems for uninterrupted service in case of failure.
Comprehensive Backup and Replication: AWS Disaster Recovery solutions ensure robust data replication and backup strategies for critical applications, enhancing data resilience.
AWS offers robust Docker container services, empowering developers to build, deploy, and scale applications seamlessly.
AWS Docker solutions, you can efficiently manage containers, ensuring high availability and security.
This platform provides a flexible and scalable environment, enabling the rapid deployment of applications in containers, enhancing agility and resource utilization for businesses of all sizes.

Mobile Applications :
Automated creation of iOS mobile apps using Xcode and Android mobile apps using Gradle, facilitated by automated building through Jenkins with two dedicated slaves for iOS and Android platforms.
Integrated test automation in Jenkins is automatically triggered after successful iOS and Android builds.
Upon successful test automation, the apps are seamlessly published to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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