Teaching Jobs in around 50 Universities/Institutes in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an ancient country with a rich cultural heritage that is modernizing through education. The higher education landscape in Ethiopia comprises over 50 universities, both public and private. Ethiopia has made a priority of expanding access to education and improving the quality of instruction in engineering, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, pharmacy, and agriculture. The country has gone from 6 universities to more than 50, and the government is now focusing more on research and developing universities of excellence.

Professor have been successfully scaling this career path for many years, filling the gap and creating a place of respect for Indian teachers in Ethiopia. Some have even had the opportunity to teach the Ethiopian Presidents and other respected political figures.

If you're looking for a long-lasting and remarkable career, join this community and contribute to the future of a nation.

We will help you in your career to get the right job in Ethiopia. The minimum qualifications required for teaching jobs in Ethiopia are a PhD and two years of teaching experience. Additionally, industry experience is an asset, and research exposure is desirable.