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Database Administrator - Nascent Info Technologies Pvt Ltd

Date Posted: Aug 13, 2022
Yearly: 1000000 INR - 1100000 INR

Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities:
1. Planning, Installation and Configuration of PostgreSQL 9.4 / 9.6/ 10/ 11/ 12
2. PostgreSQL tools installation, Configurations PGAdmin III, IV, repmanager, PGPOOL, PGBouncer, pgbadger.
3. Performance tuning configuration parameters enabling.
4. Advanced Server version 9.X,10.x,11.x Installation, Configurations, Backup & Recovery, High Availability, Security and Performance Tuning.
5. Co-ordinate and support with other teams for resolves troubleshooting issues.
6. Managed Production databases in 24/7 environment.
7. Used pg_dump, pg_resotre, pg_basebackup and other PostgreSQL built-in packages.
8. Up gradation of PostgreSQL server from 9.4 to 9.6. 9.6 to 10.
9. Designed, developed and maintained PostgreSQL database server.
10. Prepared and updated scripts for various administrative tasks, Wrote UNIX Shell Scripts for scheduling backup jobs and day to day routine tasks.
11. Configuration of streaming replication using replication slots.
12. Conducted Linux administration activities and managed test databases.
13. Check the load Balancing and Replication and connection.
14. Working with Postgis and pgrouting, multicorn extensions.
15. Creation of databases and creating the indexing on tables.
16. Check the Base Backup Files Maintain the physical storage on Servers.
17. Creating users, roles, and necessary privileges to users according to the business requirement With Password Policy.
18. Re-indexing and Vacuuming on Database from time to time.
19. Providing Technical support for applications team for DB related issue.
20. Data loading and data migration.
21. Prepare the database design and E-R Diagram.

Critical skills required
1. PostgreSQL DBA skill is essential.
2. Sound operating knowledge on Windows/UNIX / Linux platform.
3. Should have worked on Enterprise DB.
4. Should have Post GIS Experience (Optional).

Minimum 5 years experience as Postgresql DBA. Experience of working as Database developer will be an added advantage.

Skills Required

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Job Detail

  • Location
    Pune, Maharashtra, India
  • Company
  • Type
    Full Time / Permanent
  • Shift
    Regular (Day)
  • Career Level
    DBA - Database Administration
  • Positions
  • Experience
    05 Years
  • Gender
    No Preference
  • Degree
  • Apply Before
    Oct 31, 2022

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