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GISFY Private Limited
GISFY Private Limited
Member Since, May 29, 2020
Phoenix Tech Tower, Uppal, Ranga Reddy District, Hyderabad, Telangana 500039
Other Location Phoenix Tech Tower, Uppal, Hyderabad, Telangana

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GISFY Delivering Cost Efficient and Quality Rich GIS Solutions

Solutions Touted for its ability to solve real-world problems and enhance the decision-making abilities of innumerable governing bodies and businesses, the GIS technology landscape has been witnessing a massive demand. Availability of maps from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and open source technologies for GIS application development have only widened the opportunities for organisations to harness the power of this technology, setting the GIS landscape on the road to high growth trajectory. In the midst of such ongoing developments, Noida headquartered GISFY has embarked in the segment with a vision to facilitate organizations with cost-efficient GIS solutions that are rich in quality. Aligning closely with this mission, the firm has developed a robust application framework that benefits clients’ with easy customizations and faster deployments. Features such as ease of access together with ease of use, regularly updated data, high customizability and compatibility along with support for both open source and ArcGIS Server make the solutions from GISFY highly competitive. Azghar Hussain, Director- GISFY delineates, “GISFY’s core competency lies in providing solutions across the complete geospatial value chain, from data improvement including all types of geospatial data conversions, to software development, modelling, analytics, and consulting.” The Desktop and Web GIS solutions at GISFY features Google map, Bing map, Yahoo maps and Open Street Map as a base layer with common GIS functionalities such as pan, zoom in and out, and info tool. Clients are provisioned with data download feature in the format of Shapefile, Image, MS Excel, CSV, PDF and MS Word. Scope for data query and edit by attribute and geometry is also delivered as well. When it comes to GIS solutions for smartphones, an area that has seen unprecedented growth in recent times, GISFY delivers clients with the ability to utilize the application in the absence of a SIM while boasting of the ability to work seamlessly in locations with poor or no mobile network. Users can also use the solutions to conduct surveys in both offline and online mode. Features to upload videos, photos to the server while also chatting with peers and conducting the survey only makes the services all the more lucrative. Also, one can download survey data and generate analysis report in the most secure environment.

The professionals at GISFY also deliver Geocoding services that enable clients to make conversions from geographic coordinates into addresses and vice versa. Automation of the processes enables geocoding services to be delivered in bulk in no time. The plethora of services at GISFY is further topped by the team’s ability to develop widgets that add extra functionality to ESRI ArcGIS based WebGIS application and customize the theme of WebGIS application, all using the ESRI WebApp Builder. Clients are also facilitated with MIS solutions that ensure data is securely stored.

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    Software experience includes ESRI GIS core products (ArcGIS Pro, ArcMap 10.x, ArcCatalog, ArcToolbox) and preferably experience with ArcGIS Online, We...

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