IP Terms & Conditions

IP Terms & Conditions

The following IP Terms and Conditions apply to all users of GISMONK.

Purchase of GISMONK services will entitle a service fee (with applicable taxes), failure of which will result in the services being terminated without further notice. In the event of termination of services, you agree to release all existing materials and products (i) (confidential and proprietary) belonging to GISMONK and not use them for personal or commercial reasons.

GISMONK reserves its right to maintain its ownership rights (ii) exclusively. Usage of GISMONK services does not translate to any form of authority or ownership of GISMONK services.

The following definitions apply to this agreement:

1) All ideas, methods, formulas, processes, reports, programs, flowcharts, software, developed products, programs and systems as well as any modifications or enhancements to the same.

2) Right to protect copyright, patent and/or trade secret, Right to use or duplicate product/services for commercial reasons, Right to register interest in ownership of a specific product or service, Right to prepare copies or derivatives of products/services, Right to disclose product/service related information, and Right to protect ethical use of services/products.